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2013: The Year of Reading Proust

Posted 2/12/2013 2:53am by Eugene Wyatt.

A post to the Goodreads discussion list 2013: The Year of Reading Proust in which over the year we read as a group about 60 pages a week and discuss it or not. There are now over 1000 members worldwide.

Almost three years ago I began reading Proust for his sentences; I still read him for his sentences. Jeremy Eichler, the Boston Globe music critic, writes in The Proust Project edited by André Aciman, "His long spiraling sentences unspool in the mind the way a warm sinuous melody by Brahms might unspool in the air.

Swann on the little phrase from Vinteuil's fictive sonata:

Of those sorrows of which it used to speak to him and which, without being affected by them, he had seen it carry along with it, smiling, in its rapid and sinuous course, of those sorrows which had now become his own, without his having any hope of ever being free of them, it seemed to say to him as it had once said of his happiness: "What does it matter? It means nothing." 

Swann's Way, the Lydia Davis translation of Marcel Proust, p. 361