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Breeding Stock

Posted 9/28/2009 7:21pm by Catskill Merino.

Penny's Lambs

Penny's merino lambs, named Dove and Aspen, graze with their newfound Shetland friends in the mountains of Connecticut.  Check out Andy and Penny's website that describes their work at Cobblerock Ridge Farm.

Posted 6/15/2009 8:44pm by Catskill Merino.

Penny's Lambs

Ewe lamb 61 was born on  26-Mar; her dam is 1987 and she is a twin.  Ewe lamb 140 was born on 4-Apr; her dam is 267.  Both lambs were sired by a  ram from the Bullamalita 76 Syndicate of 4 rams, his grandsons from the AI of 2005, that joined the ewes at breeding.

In July, Penny will be taking these girls to her farm in Connecticut where they will have a happy home.

See a photo of Bullamalita 76 in Australia in 1991on the Saxon Merino page.  Good Saxons have airs about them, they know when they're exceptional; 76 did and these great granddaughters of his do too.

Penny's Lambs

Posted 10/15/2008 9:02am by Catskill Merino.


Ram # 20 is going with Amy and Aldine in a minivan to their place upstate, the Highland Springs Farm in Delhi, to breed the three ewes they bought in the spring.  Bon voyage Vignt!