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Chunky Yarn

Posted 1/20/2012 2:15pm by Eugene Wyatt.

Fall Brown 

I asked David at Green Mountain Spinnery, being that they had made our Bulky Yarn by twisting four spun strands together into a singles, if they could they could twist six strands together making us an even thicker yarn, a Super Bulky. "Hmm," he said, "we can try."  Never had they made a yarn that thick before. "Well, if it's iffy," I said, "spin a small lot, say 50 lb."

I called David several weeks later, "We did it and we like it," he said. "Good!" I said and I had them send me a couple of boxes of the new Super Bulky yarn, so eager I was to see and feel it.

It is soft and lovely as is all our Saxon Merino yarn, but it is thick and you must use large needles to knit it.

4 oz (100 g), 110 yd, 4 stitches per inch on US 15

Last week I asked Rebecca to dye several colors, ones that would look good on a yarn so thick—she was to dye only one pound of each color to see if they worked—and she did, and I like them.

Look at the colors in the Super Bulky Yarn store and tell us if you like them.

Posted 12/19/2011 7:03pm by Eugene Wyatt.

Our new Chunky Yarn, 4-5 stitches per inch with US#15 needles, impressed New York in its initial outing, we sold it well.  

Our purebred Saxon Merino wool is not from Australia, not from New Zealand, not from China, and it isn't spun in Italy or Korea or Taiwan but it comes from our sheep on our farm in the state of New York of the United States of America and it is spun in the state of Vermont.  

It is unique and damn yankee.

Available in the Undyed Saxon Merino Yarn Store