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Posted 12/16/2015 12:22pm by Eugene Wyatt.

You know that Cochineal is a red-dye extract from an insect, the Dactylopius coccus but you probably didn't know that Lac is also a red-dye extract from an insect, the Kerria lacca

Cochineal is from the New World but Lac is from the Old World, specifically Southeast Asia, and both dye extracts date from antiquity. In this recipe, Cochineal is 1% WOF and Lac is 8% WOF (Weight Of Fiber). One must exercise patience dying with natural colors; it took 3 days to arrive at the color.

Also Lac was used in compounds used to finish and protect fine woods, i.e. shellac.

This color of worsted 1-ply yarn (140 yd = 2 oz) is available from Special Orders on the website.