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Posted 1/19/2014 11:24pm by Eugene Wyatt.

From the website administrator, Small Farm Central:

We have currently reconfigured how our comment forms attempt to block spam and SEO false postings. It is no longer necessary for you to enable a captcha but you can if you like. Recent research has shown that a combination of hidden fields (often called a 'honeypot') and an external reference to check for known spam text/spammers (we are now using Akismet) will be more effective than a captcha. If you decide to use Recaptcha as well, you do not need to go and get your own public/private key.

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Posted 9/24/2013 7:51am by Eugene Wyatt.

An increasing amount of seemingly human, but still generic, spams have been added as comments to blog posts, each offers a link to follow in the text of the comment. To protect you and not to be 'aiding & abetting' the spammers I have disabled the blog comments.

You can always post a comment through the Contact Us page.

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