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Posted 7/18/2012 1:10pm by Eugene Wyatt.

In the mountains where we come from, it was said that Summer rains run off side hills but the terrain where the sheep are now, although elevated, is relatively flat and any amount of precipitation, even from these brief and welcome afternoon thundershowers, will soak in.

One of the disadvantages of Big Food and the global, long-distance food economy is how the condition of things over there affect the price of things over here: in other words, let's hope it rains in the midwest on the corn crop soon because, if it doesn't, prices over here for corn will rise even higher than the government predictions. Moreover the prices of all Big Food products, containing corn or not, that are transported from there to here will rise as corn produces ethanol, supposedly an inexpensive additive to fuel, that will rise in price too. 

And locally—double trouble for me—I like the small bag of Fritos that I get at the convenience store even though the corn in them is a GMO.  Without rain in Iowa the small bags of Fritos, that I've loved since I was a kid, will become more costly. Even the cost of dying, if you believe the genetic engineering naysayers, goes up with the price of corn.

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