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Posted 1/25/2012 9:13pm by Eugene Wyatt.

Was I three, was I four? I don't exactly know how old I was. One of my first memories was of one of wonder; the seeing of a dog, a black dog, running by me, a fast dog, small dog (a very small dog, smaller than me), speeding around me, I, thinking this dog was faster than a car, faster than anything I'd ever seen; I was sure it was the fastest thing in the world and I knew what wonder was, looking at that running dog, before knowing what the word 'wonder' meant. And this memory was not part of a shared past that had been told me over and over by older people such that it became a recollection that defined who I was. This dog on that day was something that I'd never told anyone of until now.

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Posted 2/22/2009 6:08pm by Catskill Merino.
Oscar came into the stand with his mistress who came in to look at yarn; Oscar kept a good eye on her hoping she would save enough money to buy him a lamb chop.
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