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Experimental Dyeing

Posted 11/16/2011 4:23pm by Eugene Wyatt.

As easy as this was to dye it should have been difficult to photograph, but two difficulties (the digital photography of black and the digital photography of white) when taken on together in the same frame help each come out better; there must be a lesson here, but not for my analog mind.

We suspended 8 skeins over a 5 gallon stainless steel pot of the black dye, table salt, a wetting agent and citric acid—in pre-determined portions—and lit the fire under the pot; we lowered the skeins into the solution, slowly took the dye bath up to just below boiling et voilà!

Rebecca also did 8 skeins of a cranberry red and 8 skeins of a stormy blue in half & half. 

With circular needles the colors should coil in a serpentine fashion and come out as striped when knit with straight needles.

Until I post the Half & Half in the Yarn Store you can order any color from Special Orders, $16.00/skein.