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Great Expectations

Posted 6/21/2011 8:18pm by Eugene Wyatt.

Rebecca is rightfully proud of the bounty of colors that she overdyed by dipping them in a natural indigo vat; and if you've noticed the increasing fullness of the stand—that we have new natural colors every week—we have her to thank.

Our project will be, of course, to continue dyeing colors and distribute them across the 6 different weights we spin from the superfine Saxon wool grown by Catskill Merino sheep; but, for the first time, we will hang tag all the yarns with their color names, weights and prices, and we will photograph them for the site, and hopefully we will do this all at the stand on Saturday with a laptop, a printer, a Nikon and software for label making. Busy, busy, busy we will be as all our natural colors (100's with more coming every week) are unique and in limited edition dyelots, but this is exciting work and it will create an energy that sells yarn on the spot.

Hang tags are important. Having sales from a LYS (local yarn store) on Saturday in Manhattan and selling online need a more sophisticated record keeping system that, by recording the yarn data sold from the hang tags, accurately reflects the quantity of yarn available. This inventory information will be particularly useful to the online buyer; and to us as well, as it will tell us what to dye and when.