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Posted 6/11/2012 2:39pm by Eugene Wyatt.

I used to work for an art gallery selling paintings in San Francisco; later I owned an art gallery that sold paintings there. And later than that, I traveled to Paris to see a collection of paintings that turned out to be  not sellable. But I liked Paris and stayed for four years. It felt good to no longer have to sell paintings plus the food was good and the wines in Paris worked well.

When I worked for an art gallery I was a poor painting salesman and to compensate I read a lot about art and I became a poor painting salesman who knew a lot about art. When I'm in a new city with time on my hands I usually go to the local museum. Paris is a wonderful city to visit museums—as is New York—but New York has many more galleries than Paris has.

I'm reading again about art, not to better sell paintings, but because art interests me and I do want to better understand the art I see on Saturday afternoons when I leave the farm stand in the Union Square Greenmarket for a couple of hours to look at paintings in the galleries.

And if it interests me I may write about what I see or what I read.