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Posted 2/10/2010 12:44pm by Catskill Merino.

When I saw this shot in Lightroom, I realized these two rams (walking side by side, heads down) look like they'd been drawn by Bruce Eric Kaplan (BEK) for a cartoon in The New Yorker

Then I had to come up with a caption and I'm not very good at that so maybe you can help me.

Hats for Haiti

Get a free skein of worsted yarn to knit or crochet at hat when you suggest a caption to the photo above. We'll sell the hats you make at the stand and send all the money to a  worthy charity in Haiti in the name of the knitters, the buyers and the sheep.  

The work of rebuilding Haiti has just begun; they need our help now.

Click the "Add a comment" link below to leave your caption; I'll  contact you and  provide you with a skein of yarn for free.


It's 10 AM, Wednesday.  It just started to snow.  It's  relatively warm, just below freezing; this is a wet, Spring snow with 6 more inches expected.  The wind picks up as the day wears on; most of the snow should blow away on the flat where the flock is quartered for the winter. 

The sheep have 3'' of fleece.  They are warm and their wool protects them from the wind.  We will shear the flock on March 1, 2 & 3, two weeks before lambing begins.