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Posted 1/27/2011 7:39pm by Eugene Wyatt.

You can hear the head-on collision when rams butt from almost 1/4 mile away.  They butt to prove dominance and it's their way of having fun, I guess.  Mature Saxon Merino rams weigh about 225 lb. Challenged, they back up several paces then charge rolling their heads down just before impact like fists of prize fighters maximizing the blow; this goes on until one ram, with a yielding gesture, quotes the beaten Roberto Duran in the Sugar Ray Leonard fight, "No mas."

There is a victor and a victim.  There is no way to stop them; the minute you leave after trying to separate them they are back at one another.

They have another method of attack and  to stay with boxing jargon let's call it a clinch: After a butt or two they get beside one another, lower their heads dropping a horn, then  with a powerful rotation of the neck they bring it up rapidly into the rib cage of their opponent.

Most of the time the rams are at peace with one another and  they are gentlemen around us; they know, having learned from when they were lambs, that a shepherd is dominant.