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Lambs to Pasture

Posted 5/13/2010 8:57pm by Eugene Wyatt.

Today was the day. We had to get the lambs down the hill from the lambing barn to the paddock of green grass we'd fenced for them to begin their Summer of rotational grazing.  The grass was getting tall, taller than the smaller lambs; and it was starting to loose some of it's nutritive value, I feared.  The way down was unfenced and the tall grass would trip the smaller lambs so with a 5' rotary cutter behind the old Massey I cut a 15' swath, a path wide enough for the 200 plus lambs.

But they needed a leader. From the lower farm, we took a yearling ewe; we haltered her, tied her down in the back of the truck, and for insurance Sarah rode with her holding on as I drove up the bumpy hill to the lambing barn.

We got the ewe off the truck and in with the lambs, so far so good. 

In theory, Sarah was to shake a grain bucket to tempt the ewe with feed who would follow her and the lambs would follow the older ewe—or so I hoped—as would never the lambs follow us for any reason.  After a couple of  playful lamb revolutions in the yard with the chasing dog (that made me doubt my theory) we got the ewe started down the path following Sarah's bucket, the lambs  began to follow the ewe down the hill—it worked—and I brought up the rear with Poem.