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Last Day of Breeding

Posted 11/17/2010 10:36pm by Eugene Wyatt.

Dominique brings the Saxon Merino breeding group (117 ewes with 5 rams) up to the handling area so we can separate the rams and put them back in the ram flock.  These are the elite Saxon ewes of the flock as judged by their wool quality; the lesser merino ewes were in other groups being bred by either Corriedale rams (the cross will be a dual purpose breed called a Cormo) or Ile de France rams (the cross will be larger and faster growing).

Now things settle in for the Winter—we gestate—until the 1st of March when we get busy again and shear the flock about two weeks before we really get busy and have the 1st of 300 lambs expected in 36 days (the time the rams were with the ewes).