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"Looking at sheep..."

Posted 1/13/2014 5:15pm by Eugene Wyatt.

You look at sheep to see how they are; the more often you look at them the more you can see—you get to know them—what you're looking for is a sheep who is not quite right or not as well as they were a week ago. It could be something as simple as a foot problem—the sheep favors it—requiring a foot-bath or something more serious such as an electric fence that is down: an entrance for coyotes.

Generally when looking at sheep we notice nothing—but you never know—you always look when you haven't been around them for a while—it's your responsibility—and good for you and good for the sheep.

Apuleius speaking to Marius, outside of Rome about 150 AD,

What then? Has nature connected itself together by no bond, allowed itself to be thus crippled, and split into the divine and human elements? And you will say to me: If so it be, that man is thus entirely exiled from the immortal gods, that all communication is denied him, that not one of them occasionally visits us, as a shepherd his sheep—to whom shall I address my prayers? Whom, shall I invoke as the helper of the unfortunate, the protector of the good?

Marius the Epicurean 1885, Walter Horatio Pater