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Posted 11/17/2015 5:46am by Eugene Wyatt.

Andrée admitted an affair with Albertine after she'd sworn the opposite a year ago; she was the fox who guards the henhouse and Albertine was the hen. 

It is desire that engenders belief, and if we are not as a rule aware of this, it is because most belief-creating desires—unlike the desire which had persuaded me that Albertine was innocent—end only with our own life. To all the evidence that corroborated my original version, I had stupidly preferred mere assertions by Albertine. Why had I believed them? Lying is essential to humanity. It plays as large a part perhaps as the quest for pleasure, and is moreover governed by that quest. One lies in order to protect one’s pleasure, or one’s honour if the disclosure of one’s pleasure runs counter to one’s honour. One lies all one’s life long, even, especially, perhaps only, to those who love one.

The Fugitive Volume VI by Marcel Proust (posthumous), Modern Library Edition p. 824