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My Ride

Posted 10/15/2008 10:06pm by Eugene Wyatt.
The Heritage Trail
The Heritage Trail
After tending the sheep at the farm in the morning, I spend some of the afternoon riding my Cannondale road bike on the paved-over tracks (now a trail for bikes & roller blades) of the Erie Railroad, originally laid in 1841, that ran from the village of Goshen to the Hudson River at Piermont. 
I ride a 16 mile course round trip; I push myself to ride it in less than an hour, recording my progress in a spreadsheet, measuring speed, cadence and heart rate in 4 laps, each lap measures 4 miles, with my handlebar-mounted wireless cyclocomputer. 
I ride from March when the trees redden with buds, through the humid green flush of July, until a day in November when snow flakes begin to gently fall through the gray barren branches.  And every October I'm sure that somewhere along my way I'll come upon Claude Monet at his easel.