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Ring Around

Posted 11/20/2008 9:47pm by Eugene Wyatt.
SportCount Lap Counter
Often, I forget the lap I'm swimming. "Is this 22 or 21, damn."  I always assume the lesser figure to re-begin the count—a healthy penalty—but the lapse annoyed me.
Never again. With my index figure (the inviting finger) I slip into my new ring which is a one-button, thumb operated lap counter that also records split & elapsed times.  At the completion of a lap (2 lengths of the pool) I thumb the button. After my swim, I enter the number of laps swum and the time it took to swim them in a spreadsheet to compare average lap times from swim to swim marking successive personal bests in red,
if and when I swim them.
This is my first piece of jewelry—part time jewelry that I swim in. I like it. The display is large enough to be read  through fogged up swimming goggles.
Life is a series of temporal pleasures, like my new ring,  and this evening in the pool all 24 turns were flip turns that quickly compound oxygen debt.  I haven't done that since high school; to flip my turns again leaves me gasping, but is another fleeting pleasure.
SportCount  $29.95