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Posted 5/11/2014 8:30pm by Eugene Wyatt.

We'll be at pasture soon. Because of the lingering cold weather, we're late getting to grass this year. When the daytime temperature gets above 70F the pastures will rapidly grow. But this Spring is cool; last week the highs were in the 60's with night time lows in the 40's.

A shepherd has many considerations; not only to protect the sheep but to protect the sward on which they graze. Letting sheep on a pasture not yet ready for them will ruin it: they'll slow it up even more by eating the leaves inhibiting the early Spring photosynthesis and by trampling the fledging pasture plant into the soil.

A small group of rams will go out this week and a larger group of yearlings will go out next week. We'll wean the lambs from the ewes on May 24th and the ewes will join the yearlings in the farthest pasture out of earshot.  The lambs call for their mothers but they forget after a couple of days: their new world is so interesting. 

Sheep love grazing and shepherds love it too.