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Posted 7/19/2010 6:59pm by Eugene Wyatt.

After a hot day lolling in the shade of a tree the hungry sheep begin to graze when the sun goes down.

I think of Ramadan when Marrakech came alive at night after a day of fasting.  The fireflies are kif pipes lit in the dark  and narrow ways that puzzle through the souk as the sundown horns shriek from the mosques to send the faithful and hungry rushing home for harira,* a thick, peppery lamb soup to break their fast.

Salman Rushdie captures the vibrant Arab night well in The Satanic Verses.

*Harira: lamb shoulder browned in olive oil with salt, garlic & onion added to lentils & water with Harisa, saffon, cinnamon & coriander on low heat until it thickens.  One of many ways to make it; no matter the recipe, it's always better the next day.