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The Ewe Lambs

Posted 11/24/2015 5:52pm by Eugene Wyatt.

Ewe Lambs On Hay

After feeding whole oats, we kept hearing the ewe lambs say they didn't have enough to eat—they were starving; sheep exaggerate, they're actors, but you must listen to them and they don't tell you about their food or its lack politely.  This happens when the sheep are changing what they eat: in the Fall they go from pasture to harvested forage. It can be a difficult time of year for everybody. We give the sheep free choice hay (always available) and if the hay is nutritious the sheep behave as good citizens. 

But they weren't well behaved yesterday; they were loud. We thought the hay was poor quality and to quiet the sheep down, we fed them an extra pail (~20 lb) of whole oats. After they finished, they hurtingly swore again—O our ears and hearts—"%b#a$a&a@a...". It was cacophony, a hundred voices that don't sing together—it was a sound riot—we knew we had to fix the situation. The next day we fed them another pail of oats (You can't feed a single additional pail of oats after feeding to ~100 sheep without them crowding and getting hurt trying to eat it; you must wait until the next day when you feed it with the other pails.) and after they ate—we listened—they became calm again, they ignored us and were silent. The beauty of silence; we were smiling at nothing.

Being cussed out by your sheep is no laughing matter.