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The Future

Posted 2/9/2014 1:54pm by Eugene Wyatt.

Sunday has it's chores too but we like to keep them minimal after a day in Union Square at Greenmarket. Sunday is a day of rest. Dominique looked at the sheep and determined the number of round bales of hay to be fed: the sheep were fine, there was hay in all feeders and we could wait until tomorrow to feed hay.

After walking through the sheep Dominique got into the passenger seat of the warm F150; I kept it running as the temperature was single digits at 11 AM. The sun was shining brightly on the sheep in snow who don't mind the cold having 3 inches of wool on them.

We discussed the day in New York yesterday: not bad considering that it didn't get above freezing, and we discussed what work we had to do in the coming week: I had to call the tannery to see if the 20 sheepskins that I dropped off 3 weeks ago were ready—I might have to go to Quakertown to pick them up Thursday; she said he had yarn dyeing to do on Monday which always means another day too, plus feeding the sheep their oats. We're busy now and we slow down to make sure we get it right. Then there all sorts of things that come up with gestating ewes lambing March 23rd, and before that, shearing the flock (with 3 shearers) on February 24th, 25th and 26th. Time must be set aside for the unexpected as it will occur.

Then we discussed the new sausage that we will have on the grill to sample next Saturday: I said Capers have not been used in a lamb sausage and she suggested Sun-Dried tomatoes would go good with them—but what about other spices—maybe some wine I said, and she suggested parsley to give the sausage that fresh taste and "to flake it with bits of green." Perfect! Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Capers and Parsley.

Later Sunday I'll email our new lamb sausage idea to Bobby at Quaker Creek (where I have a NYS 20-C) and his spice library to have them made (Bobby loves concocting new recipes). We will pick-up the new sausages this Friday for Saturday's market and we will be another week closer to shearing and lambing.