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Winter Ewe

Posted 12/16/2010 1:20pm by Eugene Wyatt.


I put a Nikon 70mm-200mm f2.8 VR zoom lens on a Nikon D700 FX camera to shoot portraits.  Using a longer lens I don't frighten the sheep by getting too close to them.  This photograph was taken hand-held about 12 feet from the subject: 1/400 sec at f11 with a focal length of 105 mm and at ISO 400.



To demonstrate how good the Nikon 70-200 mm lens is, I enlarged a portion of the photo in Lightroom to show you the shadow of the ewe's eyelashes on her cornea In the original at a file size of 14 MB the shadow is even more demonstrative than in this smaller web version of 400 KB.

Note: The yarn photos are taken with my studio camera, a Nikon D80 DX with a 18mm-135mm f4.5 zoom lens, a camera with a smaller capacity.  As you can see the yarn photographs are not quite as sharp even though the camera is mounted on a tripod.