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Celebrating You

Welcome to the Yarn & Lamb Pages of Catskill Merino where we feature you and what you've made with our wool and lamb.

Yarn Craft

  • The Yarn Craft page publishes photos of your work and patterns or references to the patterns you've used.  Please come by the stand with what you've made and I'll photograph it.


MM's Hat
Marilyn's hat (her photo too)
Lamb Cuisine
  • The Lamb Cuisine page publishes your recipes and culinary anecdotes much like the following from Larousse Gastronomique which shows us that a recipe can be an idea to cook with as well as a procedure to cook from.  Please email me your recipes.
Agnelet à la Kurde

"This recipe for milk-fed lamb was given to us by Roland Dorgelès, the author of Les Croix de Bois and it is rather an original one.

'On the banks of Euphrates, where I lived among camel drivers and Bedouin, I discovered a dish which I did not know…Take a small milk-fed lamb, one of those little lambs which the nomad shepherds carry about like babies. You clean it out, season the inside and stuff with a forcemeat made from its liver, heart and lungs. You mix this forcemeat generously with rice half-cooked with fat, in which you have incorporated dry, not sweet, apricots which have been cooked in the gravy. Then you serve it with the gravy from which the fat has been skimmed off.'

No doubt the addition of apricots to this dish may appear a little eccentric to certain gastronomical purists (and you may count me as one) but let us not forget that many people relish venison with red currant jelly."

Prosper Montagné, editor Larousse Gastronomique, 1938