Australian Kelpies

Herding Dogs

Kelpies are gentle, loyal and love to work sheep. The breed originated in Australia in the 1860's and was named after the shape-shifting horse of Scottish myth, a beautiful, gentle and dangerously inviting animal.


Avenpart Xendaa
She was born in Australia at the Avenpart kelpie stud; read about her coming to America as a pup in The Poem Chronicles.    

"Poem" (sire: Avenpart Pekoe x dam: Avenpart Tink) is my 3rd kelpie after "Shade" (sire: Scoriochre Jim III) and my 1st kelpie, her dam, "Miss" (Avenpart Fancy Free) whose sire was Avenpart Zondo, a famous Avenpart kelpie having won many sheepdog trials in his day.