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The Farm

A Small Farm With A Flock Of Sheep

The farm is in the low hills of Goshen, New York, 66 miles north of Manhattan and west of the Hudson River.  It is a place of health, of birth and of well being.  We pride ourselves by raising our sheep on pasture in the natural, time-honored small farm way. 


Ewe, Twins, Dandelions


The flock was founded on Saxon Merino rams imported from Australia in the early 1990's. We treat our sheep as the special beings they are, and we respect the land that sustains them.  In Summer the sheep graze 100 acres of lush, native grasses; in Winter they eat sweet, local hay cut on the farm.

The farm is red barns, old tractors and trusty dogs too.  Working on a farm is a traditional way of life and tending sheep fulfills a need to care.  The land is an offering: we grow a restoring garlic in the fertile fields where the flock has over-wintered in years past; nothing is wasted here.
Since the import of Saxon Merino rams, Catskill Merino ewes have been bred and selected to produce exquisite fine wool and the best of lean lamb. 
Tom shears a ewe
In the spring before the ewes lamb, the flock is shorn and their wool is spun into soft merino yarn at a small spinnery nearby.
Dominique does indigo
The yarn is hand-dyed on the farm and sold online from the Yarn Store; as is the pasture raised lamb sold from the Lamb Store. Both are available at the Farm Stand on Saturday at Union Square in New York City.


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